June 11, 2012 6:56am

I sent her the first blog while she was still in the airport, “I loved what you wrote Mom. You’re an amazing writer and my words can never say how much I love you.”

A week later I was upbraided sharply, “Did you post that letter on your blog? I would not like that. Please don’t comment on stuff on Facebook. I absolutely hate that kind of thing. There is a line.”

So these young folks, like my daughter, can travel around the world, jump off cliffs, swim  and kayak in caves and bike in rice paddies. They can post pictures. But I can’t comment. I’m not allowed to write a short piece on how I feel about the jumping, swimming, kayaking and biking across the world and upside down as they are. I’m right side up. I was excited about this. Now I have to worry about my blogging. Bummer. I guess I’ll have to write more about myself. Hope I’m not too boring!  Doubtful.

One comment

  1. Julia, I face these issues every day with Maggs and Ben on Facebook. I think it has to do with their perceived independence. They don’t want anyone to even know they HAVE parents, let alone hear from them. I ignore their rants and post what I want. They’ll get over it. And I bet Wilton will cherish your blog posts one day. Maybe not now, but one day. In fact, a photo book with her pictures and your words might be an amazing keepsake after she’s back.

    Please keep your blog posts coming. She’s right. You are an amazing writer.


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