June 28, 2012 12:41pm

As it turns out Chemistry is as boring in Asia as it is in North America. Go figure.

We are having a bigger heat wave in Chapel Hill than she is having in Bangkok. I know because I downloaded the Bangkok weather onto my iPhone. It is 106 degrees here today and only 91 in Bangkok.Fifteen degrees hotter here. Guess she won’t need those dresses we bought at Old Navy. The ones they told her to buy so she could throw them away after wearing them once. They told us she wouldn’t want to even wash them they’d be so dirty. Wow now that’s a sweaty dress we thought and laughed.

Today, I submitted a children’s picture book to an agent in California. The agent, Jennifer says she likes a distinctive but definitive voice for children’s concerns. I think I have that. Momma Who’s Babygod? is a children’s picture book Wilton and I wrote together when she was six years old. She didn’t want to go to bed and had a major meltdown. She stated, “I can’t wear this pink nightgown with the bows, I’ll freeze. All you do is yell, yell yell. You don’t care about me, you don’t care if I freeze!” And I said “I do love care want you to be warm. I care.” Now we are worried about her being so warm she might melt. So hot and humid she has been instructed to buy dresses she can throw away.

Funny how that night in her room seemed like a terrible night. One of the worst ever. She was crying and yelling. I was almost crying, exhausted from the day and the bedtime routine that seemed to never end. Until I said, “Let’s pray Baby, God will hear us.” And she said, “Momma, Who’s Babygod?” and we laughed until we cried.

It’s a little different than what we’re doing now. Crying until we laugh not laughing first but second. But it doesn’t really matter because it feels like the same thing-being together, feeling together, crying and laughing in her bedroom 14 years ago or now. Knowing that however, whenever we Skype, the continents will collide with our love.

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