November 3, 2012 10:27am

And so it happened that on my thirty-first anniversary, I went to the travel agency and bought a ticket to Bangkok. Twenty-three hours in the air on December 2 and I will be with her. Turns out eight months is not so long after all. Ha! In thirty short days, I will be in Asia, traveling to those beautiful beaches and riding an elephant up the mountains of Chang Mei. Going of course to every temple I can find in the travel books and out.              She is studying. Researching the effects of algae and ethanol, creating biodiesel fuels for energy. I am working and waiting for the day that the plane takes off and brings us together.

“Yay!!!!! You’re officially coming to Thailand Can you send me your itinerary?”          And so it is. It’s funny though when my friends ask if I have travel plans, I tell them no, I just went to Italy for my anniversary, I’m staying home for a while now. And then later I laugh and think, ‘Julia, most folks would consider a trip half way around the world, travel plans.” But it doesn’t seem that way to me. It just seems like I’m going to see my daughter. After eight months of wandering around in a strange land without her that really I’m finally going home.

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