November 6, 2012 2:46pm

A funny thing happened in our family this week. Sibling rivalry can travel the globe, even in adult children, I’m here to inform you.

My middle son came by the house to get some winter clothes and decided to raid his sister’s closet also. Coming into the kitchen I noticed he was wearing her new fleece. This was a coat that she bought with her own money. She had shopped for months for this coat and deliberated and agonized until she felt confident enough to make the purchase. It was indeed a prize possession. Because she had waited until it went on sale after Christmas, it was practically new. Of course this was the article of clothing that her brother decided to pilfer.

As he stepped into the kitchen wearing it proudly, I told him, “No, put that back. She bought that with her own money and she just got it. You can not have that coat.” “What,” he exclaims loudly, “she is so spoiled. She doesn’t need another coat. She can’t wear this in Thailand. I’m just going to borrow it until she gets home.” And on and on he goes until neither of us even remember exactly what we are arguing about. This is not unusual with my second son. We sing the same song about him that his grandmother sings about his father, “Whatever Owen wants, Owen gets.”

So I told him. DO NOT post any pictures of yourself on facebook with that coat on. Do not post any videos of yourself with that coat. Do not mention on facebook that you have a new fuzzy tan Patagonia. Nothing digital about you wearing her coat. OK? If you promise then you can borrow it but it needs to be clean and in her closet by December 21!

So thinking we had a deal, I relented because he was probably going to take it anyway or make me deaf in the trying. And what does he do? About a week later I get an onslaught of emails, texts and all things digital that her brother is selling her clothes on ebay. He said that there was a “tan, fuzzy Patagonia going cheap because it didn’t fit anyone in the family.” “Can one of you call Owen? He went through my stuff and is offering it on Facebook. Someone needs to go over there and take a hold of him or at least call him and tell him to stop. Now,” she bellowed across that wide expanse.

Turns out her brother had posted a fake ebay auction on facebook featuring his sister’s new clothes and in particular her coat. He had her fuming and fussing and tattling about his bad behavior despite the oceans separating them between Asia and North America. So yes, siblings can agitate, tease and promulgate all kinds of mischief across continents.

“Nevermiiiind. He said it was a joke? but I still think that’s ridiculous and certainly not funny. I guess he just pretended to sell my stuff. Sorry for bothering you dearest parents. I’m less concerned but still confused. Nevermiiiiiind!”  Wilt

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  1. That is Soooo Owen!! Always feeling the need to pick on miss Wilton! I remember Wilton and I coloring one day and Owen came over to color not because he wanted to color but because he wanted to take the green crayon from Wilton because it was her very favorite color and in his words….he wanted it cause Wilton had it! Seems to me like he has not changed much. Thanks for this story Julia. It made me smile.


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