12/22/12 6:58am

IMG_0587Well, I did not think I would write again before 2013 since I just returned from Thailand. I knew I would have jet lag and be so behind in my wrapping and baking and shopping and, and, and. But here I am, still waking up at 4:00am which gives a bit of extra time for writing.  And as I sit in my living room gazing at the tree, I am awed by both my blessings and gratitude. Sharing the experience of my beloved daughter studying abroad has allowed me to mourn and celebrate the moments as they developed over these past seven months. What would I have done without you?

You have laughed, listened, suffered and rejoiced with us as her experience expanded and contracted according to the whims of the group, the country and her academic schedule. And now, believe it or not, she is coming home. Today. Today at 4pm.


As you know, I just returned from Thailand. I’ll post pictures and write about our travels later. We had the most amazing time, visiting temples, chanting with monks, Thai cooking school, zip lining in the rain forest and riding elephants. We ended with four days sunning on the southern beaches. “Mom, do you like our hotel room? Isn’t it cool? Mom, do you want to go rock climbing?” And a resounding, “No!!” rang out louder than I anticipated as I snuggled deeper into my beach towel in the sand.  And the girls skipped off for another adventure, this time without me. “Don’t go to Thailand without seeing the beaches is my advice,” admonished my oldest son. And so we didn’t and boy were we glad.  Wow!

But this blog is not about my trip. This blog is about my gratitude to each of you for living this journey with Wilton and with me.  I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll keep posting. Time will tell. But thanks to each one of you again for sharing, caring, reading and responding to these messages.

I couldn’t have done it without you. Or at least not in the same manner.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may all the blessings of the seasons be yours,


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