Art Show The Root Cellar 750 MLK Jr. Blvd. Chapel Hill, NC


I am an adult, adolescent and child psychiatrist who started painting in March of 1999 when I resigned as Medical Director of a 300 child welfare agency. After years of listening to children’s trauma stories, I had a few stories of my own to tell.

I use acrylic, pastel and heavy gel on canvas or water color paper. Often, I write my poetry on my paintings. Most of my portraits are of animals or people that I love. My last portrait series was based on five artists who used their childhood trauma as a springboard for their creations. I take commissions for portraits. 


The larger 40×52 inch Black and White Red All Over series was started in 1999, the last one just completed. These canvases were stretched to the height of my daughter when I resigned, then painted black, white and then red. I then paint the poems and collage over them. The words are available on my web site Click on the top tab to access the stories and poetry. NFS


This most recent series, Butterflies or Moths, reflect my journey with cancer this year.  $650



Healing meditations are available upon request. I work with clients to create an image of their injury, emotional or physical illness. We then pull favorite poems, scripture or sayings and write over the sketch of the illness. After that, I paint a favorite place-beach, mountain stream or flowers. NFS


I love to paint and use my blog to encourage both my patients and readers to use their creativity to heal and live.


Julia W. Burns, MD





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