April 11, 2015 10:20am Unbreakable! She’s Alive Dammit!

“Being left alone by Satan is not evidence of being blessed.”

“Unbreakable! I’m alive dammit. It’s a miracle. Unbreakable! I’m alive dammit. This female is strong as hell.” The theme song to Kimmy Schmidt summarizes not just my year but many others. Unbreakable, unbeatable, unstoppable. Or as Helen Reddy sang, “Yes, I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain. I am woman, hear me roar!”

A candle burns for me in Notre Dame
A candle burns for me in Notre Dame


Surely not being “left alone by Satan” this year was in many ways a blessing and not the other way around. Though if truth be told I probably would choose the “other way round.” I find assurance in these rather odd words, that Satan chose me. At first it scared me. When my friends in the prayer group suggested that cancer is the work of the devil, I repelled the thought. Initially I was petrified, off balance.




I was desperate to find a culprit. Remember? The well water, the toxins that live in the ground, the microwave, the EMFs from our computers and phones, alcohol, pesticides and antibiotics in our food that alter our immune system. On and on we can go, can’t we, seeking the cause of cancer. The cause that I was assured in 1988 would be discovered and eradicated within 15 to 20 years so that we could live cancer free. Not needing the multi-million dollar hospitals and treatment protocols to fight this disease. But we were talking about the devil weren’t we? Whether He is real or not and what he has to do with cancer? Not the medical industry that has made a fortune in treating cancer but not in recognizing and eradicating it’s causes.

Richard Moulton, MS, M. Div. and D. Min. created a web site entitled, the cancer experiment and the main thrust of this web site is that God did not create cancer. God is pure love and wants us to be healthy and strong. DNA changes and microbiological mutations that support the rampant growth of cancer are from evil forces that God fights against, thecancwerexperiment.wordpress.com The following is copied from his web site.

The Seven Hallmarks of Cancer  1) the accelerator is stuck, 2) the brakes don’t work, 3) elevated tissue temperatures, 4) tissue invasion and metastasis, 5) invaded cells won’t self-destruct, 6) new blood supply keeps coming, 7) cells multiply endlessly.

The Medical Approach 1) release the accelerator, 2) repair the brakes,3) reduce the heat, 4) remove the tumor and tissue, 5) re-establish cell sacrifice, 6) retard the blood supply 7) re-instate reproductive limits.

The Spiritual Approach 1) see how much God loves you 2) see God’s protection, 3) see the heat held harmless, 4) see a standard raised, the Lord is my banner, 5) see the demise of the Ungodly 6) see strongholds fall 7) see the enemy turned on itself

Scripture 1) Genesis 3:1-24; Matthew 1:21; Romans 5:17; the Temptation, Fall and Redemption, 2) Daniel 6:1-27, Daniel in the Lion’s den, 3) Daniel 3:13-29, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, 4) Exodus 17:8-16, Moses, 5) Genesis 6:5, 7-8, 11-13; 7:21-23; 8:15-17; 9:1-2, Noah and the Flood 6) Joshua 6:1-27, Joshua and Jericho, 7) 2 Chronicles 20:1-30, Jehoshaphat, the Lord is my Protector.

My prayers around these scripture ask for cells that become obedient to Christ and follow only His direction for growth. “See both the healing hand of Jesus and the stern command of Jesus enforcing the commander’s intent for the body created in His image.” In the process of searching for explanations, I have found great comfort in these verses and in their assertion that our God is the great physician who has set in scripture our healing before we got sick. In looking them up and reading them out loud, I feel a sense of peace and accomplishment. They represent a concrete measure of turning away from sickness and toward health.

I wonder if perhaps Satan does have a hand in the expression of death, violence and disease. Cancer is genetically influenced. What triggers a renegade mutation of a cell, allowing rampant reproduction? How is our intricate immune system, created to respond so sensitively to minor invasions, derailed so intelligently?


It has taken several periods of study to digest and appreciate the Seven Hallmarks of Cancer.  Lifting up the prayer daily that Jesus holds dominion over the cellular functions in my body, I express gratitude to Jesus even as the plea leaves my lips. Also I pray that my scars will continue to heal so that I have freedom of movement and that my lymph nodes regenerate so that I have no swelling. I hope you will join in these prayers for me, yourself and others. A diagnosis of agressive cancer with treatment that yields little leads one to search beyond medical approaches. My search has led me here, on my knees pleading, rejoicing, experiencing and persevering in gratitude, love and confidence that I am healed..


And on Tuesday, my doctors confirmed my healing by physical exam, labs and MRI. And all God’s children say “Amen!”

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  1. Julia,
    Your words and understanding are inspired by your personal fight against cancer but are inspirational to all of us who have loved ones who fight cancer or are fighting it themselves. My husband Ralph ultimately became a self-proclaimed “cancer warrior.” His writing about this attitude reminds me of your battle against the cancer devil. (I will send it to you.)

    I rejoice for your good news on Tuesday that you have held your own and won the most recent battle. May God bless you with many more victories.

    Ann Walthall
    UNC Class of ’78
    Louisville, KY


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