November 30, 2015 12:50pm Peru, the Willka Tika

IMG_2444Sitting under a skylight, blogging for the first time in weeks, I’m struck by the spinning whirr of the washing machine, bathed in joy and happiness to be exactly where I am. Home.

My week in Peru at the Wilkka Tika Resort was transformational. “Hold that transformation,” scatters across my consciousness as I release the challenge knowing that this moment is all that exists and I am in it. I listen as the machine’s whine lessens and stops, grateful for both dirty clothes and the ability to wash them while I write.

After walking through the symmetrical architecture of Machu Picchu, I bend and place my hands in the moon bowl. Miraculous. Two concave rocks hollowed by the Inca, for viewing the sun and moon while protecting your eyes. IMG_2456Three uniform windows frame them in front. Upon bending and placing my hands in their hollows, breathing at eleven thousand feet comes easier. Tourists walk over, mimicking my gesture. I feel humble, laughing a bit as I know they have no idea why they follow. As I have no idea why I knelt in the beginning.

Run across the heights of a valley filled with salt pools,IMG_2590 ride a horse along the flowing Urubamba river as dogs lolling in the streets, yap incessantly. Meditate on the John of God crystal bed as family surrounds, holding hands and reaching over you with healing love. My Momma so close I could smell her perfume. Lay in the grass of the earth garden and see a red cloud rise from your chest, organizing into thousands of dark birds flying away, lifting to a red light that enfolds. During corpse pose in Yoga, a tap on the foot yields a lion roaring, surrounded by black, turning red as the black once again melts away. And as that lion gazes face on, we dare each other. ”What have you got for me?” Knowing his answer all along, we rejoice in this message too. IMG_2391Journal while the brown white rumped hummingbird (there are eight species of hummingbirds in Peru, three of them emerald green, am I in the Land of Oz or the garden of Eden?) sits in peace over your head for minutes or was that hours, playful notes of love pouring over as you collect memories on a blank page that will have to last forever this time.

View from my bathroom window

The first day, she read a poem on which I wrote a poem, and we walk around a labyrinth of flowers. So much fecundity tumbling in myriad colors, I am awestruck. Wondering if they are struck dumb by us too, we continue in circles. IMG_2362_2Lovely ladies, honoring ourselves, these flowers and this circle with secrets and entreaties. A purple petal brushes our arm, divine hope for rebirth ensues. Pluck a petal or rub Peruvian aloe IMG_2592on your chest, marvel at the happenstance that led to our place in those gardens. IMG_2355The eight hundred year old lucama tree answers all our questions. Don’t you hear them blowing in the wind?


Sunrise over Pachamama

“I may never go back, I don’t want to be anywhere but here,” her soul sang yet she knew when the time came, she would be, ready. Able to take the love and healing from Wilkka Tike to her everyday life, the one she would never leave. The one she already loved more than any other. IMG_2354 IMG_2363 IMG_2364 IMG_2366_2 IMG_2371 IMG_2344 IMG_2360 IMG_2397 IMG_2428 IMG_2516 IMG_2403 IMG_2546_2





  1. Julia, the gift we all received in Peru was your presence. The courage, openness and infectious humor we were bathed in all week from you..was simply pure joy of oneness!

    Forever, I will hold that week on my top list of guiding experiences. Your ability to put it in words and express the details so poetically is just masterful too.

    I look forward to more journey’s ahead with you and our gang, and others that are meant to join in for these enlightening moments.



  2. Julia
    Great to see you looking so well with all that beautiful hair! We met in Mexico in Feb and the spirits were all around you then, as they clearly are now. Kay and I have been following the progress throughout the year and look forward to your wise words. We went to Peru on our honeymoon in 2011 and did the 3 day hike to M.P Brilliant to arive at the sun gate and watch it (M.P) emerge from the mist at dawn. Never doubted there is something after this life and the experience reinforced my views but I struggled to comprehend how barbaric the Spanish were carrying a cross in one hand and a sword or harquebus in the other. The conquistadors wiped out a civilisation in Peru and broke many spirits. I knew you had an unbreakable spirit and a most wonderful faith. Say hello to your husband and keep up the Yoga. Best Regards Gerry & Kay. XX


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