February 4, 2016 10:09am I Come Alive, I’m Alive When You Breathe on Me


9/5/99 5:34pm

His Breath

He holds in His hand our own, our life. He holds in his hand, our breath. Breathing being difficult sometimes remember this, that when you inhale you taste Him, and when you exhale He tastes you. He holds in His hand our all our life, He holds in his hand each of you.           6-Julia.07.2013Julia W. Burns, MD

A lovely affirmation of healing occurred this week. For years, I’ve had a dream that I am in a rock band, belting it out onstage, only to wake up to my normal life as doctor, blogger, painter and writer. Oh well, not a rock star. However, I cherished the dream. A few months ago our worship leader asked for praise singers and so few people volunteered, I found my courage. I told her I knew many old hymns and that I sang in a gospel choir. I guess I passed the audition because a few days later. I got an email announcing the songs for Sunday.

I love it. It is the highlight of my week. I stand up there praising God, kissing that microphone and singing like a rock star. Streaming light and music from Jesus, my heart connects to the congregation’s. Happiness dances between us.

This week our email came late so I spent much of Saturday listening and singing. Playing songs on youtube is the best way to practice. “Breathe on me, breath of God, breathe on me. Awake Awake Awake my soul, God resurrect these bones. In death, to life, for you alone, awake my soul. I come alive, I’m alive when you breathe on me,” waltzing around the house, I sang those words until my husband knew them too. 

Sunday evening before the service, I attend prayer group. Heads bowed in prayer, five women give thanks, ask forgiveness and raise petitions. I ask for healing from side effects of a new medicine. I am itchy, hot, stiff, achy and mentally dull. Two years of suffering is enough. I want complete healing, complaining to God, “My timeline, dear Lord, not yours.” One of the women praying against my side effects had a vision of me, deep down in a dark hole. Lying in a white robe, I receive breath    from Jesus, sort of like CPR with the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!


She had no idea I had been singing breathe on me for the past 48 hours. Heal me, wash me, resurrect me. We laughed together when I belted out those lyrics just 30 minutes after her vision. God’s direct answer to our request. She didn’t know the words to that song but she knew God’s heart. She knew my need to be healed by the breath of God and saw me down in a black hole, Jesus by my side breathing life into me. His breath, all I need.

IMG_2690_2We call that an affirmation. I call it wondrous. Thanks be to God. 

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