April 20, 2016 9:02am The Quest for the Cure


I am watching a nine part series on The Quest for the Cure for Cancer with Ty Bollinger. A friend sent the link and I am spending evenings with my iPhone, listening to testimonies of those cured of cancer by alternative treatments.

For years I have said that the cure for cancer is going to be simple. It’s going to be altering electrical fields or pH balance, boosting immunity or enhancing immunity so that it recognizes the cancer cell like it does a bacterial infection. Turns out I was right. Most alternative and some traditional treatments highlight these interventions.

Toxcities of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are discussed. “These treatments release stress hormones which can exacerbate or spread cancer cells. They also deny the reality that stem cells are present in the blood stream no matter how small the tumor. Therefore the myth of “we got it all” is deadly.” Localized treatments poison and weaken the body, ignoring the fact that no matter how small the cancer, stem cells are circulating.

Interesting. You have to change your body chemistry to conquer cancer, not medicate, operate or radiate.

Many medical doctors refuse to embrace alternative treatments. Research is funded by drug companies and they have coopted the race for the cure.

Treatments suggested are dietary, electrical pulsing, supplements such as iodine and curcumin and emotional release.

The show travels to cancer treatment sites all over the world. People travel to Latvia to receive virotherapy. This treatment augments the immune system and cures cancer. There is a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico that infuses nutrients and vitamins, documented by research to be effective. The treatment of electrical pulsation for brain tumors has a peer reviewed journal publication from the 1950’s yet is still rarely used in the United States.


The aggressive overtreatment of non-cancerous lesions is also addressed. Peer reviewed research sites hundreds of thousands of cases a year. Traditional oncologist have become more concerned with this phenomenon and now are attempting to discern which tumors need intervention and which do not. They name several blood tests that can detect cancer years before a tumor has formed and question the multi-million dollar industry that has this capability yet fails to use it, waiting until tumor formation.

The program advocates for folks to research and explore alternative treatments and to resist the urgency for surgery that doctors mandate. “The cancer has been in your body for seven to eight years by the time it forms a tumor. A few weeks for research will not cause metastasis.”

IMG_4046Our air, water, land and homes are densely polluted. We need to eat pure foods and supplements to cleanse and detoxify. Supporting the body against toxins that assault is essential. Purifying our homes creates hormonal balance. “Where is the interest in teaching people to eat healthy food and exercise? Where is the emphasis for prevention?”

The cancer hospital where I received treatment was conducting a study on how walking influences side effects of chemotherapy. I won that race. But there was no nutritional counseling during two years of cancer treatment. I am now winning the healthy food race too. Organic produce and lean meats are primary in my diet. Lightly sauteeing, steaming or roasting vegetables without salt is my basic fare. No processed foods and no sugar. These healthy choices create energy. I spent years practicing what I thought were good food and life choices to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. I was misguided.

Gratitude for The Quest for the Cure for Cancer aboundsIMG_3678.


  1. Julia–a fascinating commentary. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I have been following a cancer prevention regimen for 20 years that has continually been tweaked, as new revelations surface. No doubt, this disease continues to be a frontier, but observations like the ones you’ve shared give us genuine hope.

    One thought that relates to your comments and implications about pollution, toxins, pesticides, etc: my wellness doctor strongly advised me to get a “near-infrared” (deep tissue) sauna. They’re cheaper than what I thought they’d be. Anyway–I swear by this thing. 150 degrees for 50 minutes (or as long as you can take it) does wonders. After each sauna, there will be some small grey spots on the towel I used to sit on, and on the towel where I rest my feet. These grey spots reveal toxins naturally expelled by the dry heat. More importantly–after a cool-down and then a shower–it is truly astonishing how revived and energetic I feel! All because of the junk being purged from my body. I view this sauna regimen just as importantly as my nutrition habits, exercise routine and plentiful supplements.

    If interested–make sure you have 3 bottles of water in the sauna to keep hydrated. And try to read something to make the time go by more easily–tough when you first start using it, but you will gradually adjust. I try to do a sauna at least once a week–and more often when time is available. check it out!



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