Healing Prayer

I give God all the credit for healing but none of the blame for sickness. “How can that be?” folks ask. “Isn’t it both or none?” And I wonder incredulously at a heart and mind that conceptualizes God’s grace for healing but not for sickness.

In truth, it seems complexly simple. God did not create evil and sickness. If you go back to the beginning of Genesis, you will see that he created light and separated the darkness from it. He created evening and day so that there might be activity followed by rest. He created man, then woman and placed them in the Garden.

He did not create evil or sickness but he did allow them. He granted free will and choice. With that, disorder and chaos were birthed and man’s decision to nourish disorder. Out of that comes cancer.

The ultimate in chaos and entropy. Right? Undifferentiated cells that don’t want to claim their origin so they remain primitive. Not recognizable by the immune system, they replicate unchecked. A deceit which often ends in death.

A parallel process to Satan’s manifestation in our world. Act natural, act normal, deceive and then when you are in control, destroy. I give God no blame. I give Him none because it does not belong to Him. We hold that blame ourselves. If God steps back to allow it, that is because of his sacred vow for our freedom.

Our world is in desperate need of healing. As children of God die in a bar in Orlando, we are all destroyed. The shooter’s anguish over his sexuality is introjected and turned outward into devastating hate. Our intolerance fed his fear.

Yet still, healing miraculously occurs. It happens all the time. It happened everyday I was in treatment and continues. Healing is present now as it was in Jesus day. Some gathered around him in astonishment to raise praise, others ran in fear. Which will you do?

Last night the line for healing prayer grew as the congregation sang.  Although we most commonly think of healing in terms of physical cures, God’s healing power is comprehensive and also touches our relationships, spirits, memories and emotions. Christ calls us alongside and into this wondrous ministry of healing. (CUMC website)

Be astonished. Ask for healing. Go to healing services and expect to be changed. God’s love and light create this every day. Why are we surprised?

Christ United Methodist Church  800 Market Street, Chapel Hill, NC: A weekly Service of Prayer and Healing, led by our pastoral staff and prayer team, will be held each Sunday in Building 105, classroom 1 from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.


  1. Dr. Burns
    I am confused by your attributing healing to God. How can it be that centuries ago The most devout of people would pray for healing. They were not evil people, But honest and true in there prayer. And yet they died of plague can they died of infection and of diseases for which we now have both prevention and cure. Today I watched a video about a man with a leukemia diagnosis who was given a few years to live, underwent several rounds of chemo therapy until the cancer mutated and no longer responded to the chemo. He then underwent An experimental T cell procedure and his modified white cells attacked the cancer until there was nothing left. He prayed for healing in the early years and it didn’t happen. Only because of the development of science did it happen in the later years. Where does God fit into this


    1. Wow. What a beautifully and genuinely expressed question. It’s difficult to answer this with a few sentences. You have inspired a post. I will start the post with your comment if that’s OK. I can only say that after years of studying I have discerned an answer that I can live with. God is goodness and works for all good at all times. However, there is a battle ongoing and although the victor is secure, the skirmishes continue. Surely, God aligns with scientist to cure illnesses even as we continue to poison our land, water and air and as a result our food sources.


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