Plug for my book: My Record Is True” will be a wake-up call to the world about the problem no one wants to talk about, the abuse of children. To that end, it will include horrifying, true stories from real patients, stories that drove Dr. Burns to experience PTSD as a result of listening to them (“I identified with my patients so much that their symptoms became mine, suffering my own trauma in listening to theirs”). The purpose of the book is to shock our culture with the truth. To shock people into understanding not only how prevalent child abuse is, but how dangerous it is to pretend it’s not happening.    My Record is True will open the eyes of the world to the dry rot that is destroying our children’s safety.

Will Burns, CEO Ideasicle, Forbes Contributor.


And a Plug for Kate Bowler’s Book in an email to my pastor, Brent Levy at CUMC


March2, 2018     7:13am

Dear Brent,
I just finished reading Everything Happens for a Reason and other lies I’ve loved. Just so well done. I truly loved it & the writing was great.

I could of course relate well to most of her stories. Was greatly heartened by her distaste & disdain for doctors. I’ve also had medical crises in my life when I was seeking diagnoses & turned away by “experts.” I really admired the way she took the gloves off & pelted them. They deserve it. Love how she said, “I’m not leaving this office until you order another test.”

The part that made me cry most was the end—things not to do & things to do.  “How are you really?” is my least favorite question.  “Who knows?” I always want to say but in my heart I KNOW the answer is “I am well and how are you?” Because my Creator who made us & every living thing, holds us in his hands— before cancer, now & after death. I put all my faith in that. It is enough.

The part that made me the saddest was her lack of faith that God does cure—inexplicably & perhaps from our view capriciously but he does, even when we don’t expect it or have any hope that it’s possible. Her philosophy does not seem to embrace this despite so much evidence to the contrary in the New Testament & today. She missed a great opportunity to represent this to a world deeply in need of healing. I sent her a copy of RADICAL REMISSION by Kelly Turner when she was diagnosed. It’s a spiritual but not religious book about thousands of cancer survivors from all over the world—Stage 3-4 with & without traditional treatment. It delineates the 9 things these folks have in common–fascinating & hopeful.

While I’m on this topic I would say the thing that exhausts me the very most about being a cancer survivor is the constant pain & infirmities I suffer as a result of my treatments, past & present. I can’t feel my fingers or feet so I drop things & I’m clumsy. I’m in constant pain 5-8/10 from my incisions & lymphedema. My joints ache & I can hardly walk sometimes because of a pill I’m afraid not to take because they assure me of improved survival. And who as Kate so beautifully says, who doesn’t want to stay in the now?


It’s exhausting and friends & even family can’t imagine me in this deep pain & so they refuse to do so. Leaving us somewhere in between a place of death & life & disconnection. Some days I relate to her desire for a definitive end. Not many days am I so dark but the residual, the life they’ve left you is so different from the person you imagined or remember—as if you’re living in a stranger’s broken body. You’re grateful but you miss yours. You miss normal. You even miss all traces of normal memories.

And while I want folks that love me & live with me in this life I’ve brokered & bargained & pleaded for to remember this PAIN, I don’t want pity, or quick asides “that’s too bad” or “Julia, how are you really?” But I do want you to remember how much I hurt & how not a single day goes by that I don’t wonder if I’m dying & how grateful I am that I’m living & who will help my daughter put on her wedding dress if not I?

Four years ago I sat in a room with my husband while 6 providers looked down at their feet & one of them mumbled something about “keeping me comfortable” and I screamed No.  The odds of me being here, writing this email were slim—much worse than Kate’s. I had less than a 25% chance of living 2 years. Stage 3b of the most rare & aggressive breast cancer known–not that it’s a contest more that it’s a miracle. I live today through & by God’s grace & mercy, & the healing power of Jesus Christ with a little help from traditional medicine. Following an Ayurveda diet keeps me that way. And of course, I continue to beg & pray, rarely lifting up “thy will be done” in reference to the saving of my life but rather “save me today God, take this swelling, this pain, this numbness today.”
That’s my story & I’m sticking to it. I won’t be joining your book club for obvious reasons. Too close. But I do appreciate you, this book & this chance to both mourn & celebrate Kate’s & my survival. She will speak at our next conference. I want to meet her.

Love, Julia

Julia W. Burns, MD
5809 Cascade Drive
Chapel Hill, NC. 27514

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