Hi Julia,

I have now read through the Book Proposal and found it touched me at several levels.    I liked the objectivity you manage to keep as you relate both your own reflections and story and those of your patients.   You mange to combine engagement with the trauma and clarity of issue and longed for response for the healing and help of others.  Naturally I am drawn to your focus on listening amongst other things and the discernment that you now listen with the heartcropped-healing.jpg of Christ instead of just your own ears.   You almost echo Dietrich Bonhoeffer who once wrote that we need to listen with the ears of Christ to gain the right to speak the word of God.  I also like your reference to singing the songs of the wounded and the thought of celebrating their humanity so bent out of shape by abuse and by not being believed.

I truly look forward to reading the completed book and pray it gets published.

Love and blessings,

Rev Dr Russ Parker M.Th.
Founder and Director of 2Restore: Healing Church Wounds
Author of Healing Wounded History

4-Julia 08_2013

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