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Cancer and the resulting chronic pain created a life that mandates laser focus and attention.

Loving and worshipping God requires that same concentration yet too often we drift towards distraction and away from peace. God calls us back faithfully. Returning attention to Him or Her, to the power, grace and mercy of the Trinity, to the flow of their everlasting love has become a lifeline for me. Meditation and prayer heal also and I hope that you experience the light of Christ moving through you even as you read these words.

Remember the last time you had the flu and you were leaning over the toilet throwing up? That’s perfect concentration, divine meditation on one specific point—”please make it stop.” Nothing distracts you and diminishes the power behind that one obsession you now hold sacred.

“Let that be the last time. Make me well.”

When you’re given a cancer diagnosis, sitting in a room with doctors who want to “make you comfortable” that same laser sharp focus comes into play. All you can think of is NOOOO. This is not my life. This is not happening. I am not ready to die.

 Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to go right now.

“Quick, come pray for me. I’m dying,”

I grabbed my minister’s hand between services and we prayed–for wisdom and faith, for the doctors to be wrong, for the cancer not to be so determined to live, snuffing out my life in the process.

“Why God? Why me, why now, why aggressive and rare and systemic?”



But a friend came over when she heard. She came to pray and speak hope over me. “Your ways are not my ways, your thoughts are not my thoughts.

Forget the question why, Julia.

Focus on healing and wholeness. I declare the light of God falling over you and sustaining you with his Holy Spirit. Ask others to pray also but only if they can hold you healed and well in their imagination.”

And so, I did this and was sustained. You can be too.


  1. Dear Julia,I have read this twice and am inspired by your words.  Also the picture.  What you say is so true.  When we pray we hold that person in the healed image not the damaged one.  God bless you today and always.  Jo Anne


  2. I am so very glad you have such strong faith. Your laser focus. And it sustains you through the pain I know you have. If Job taught us anything, I think it is That there is no question. It is like asking what was before the beginning or what is beyond the edge. All the insight and logic, all the study and discussion will not bring us any closer to an answer. Stephen Hawking may have had an insight into what happened after the beginning, but nothing he said or wrote brought us closer to understanding day before or the beyond. I think you are living the answers to the questions which can’t be asked and I pray that you continue to be sustained


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