Registering a complaint about airport pat down! Let’s go girls!!


Thank you for contacting the Transportation Security Administration. Your submission has been received. While many routine inquiries can be responded to in less than 48 hours, some responses that require additional information may take longer. ==Submission Values==
Categories: Professionalism/Customer Service
==Complaint Detail==
Where did this happen? NORTH CAROLINA – RDU – Raleigh-Durham
Date: Thu, 2019-01-03
Approximate Time: 7:30 am
Name of TSA employee (if known): Officer _____
Airline & Flight Number: AA5649
Checkpoint/Area of Airport: TSA lane 3-4
Please provide a description of your inquiry/comment.:

From: Julia Burns
Subject: Inappropriate touching
Date: January 3, 2019 at 7:59:04 AM EST
To: Andy Burns
Cc: Julia Burns

On Thursday, January 3 in Raleigh-Durham airport at 7:30 am in
Lane 3-4 a TSA Lead Officer, _______ touched me four times
inappropriately in the vaginal area.
She had to do a “groin check front & back on both sides because
my belt set off the security.”

I am writing to request that she be fired or reprimanded &
supervised. She is taking advantage of a delicate procedure for
sexual pleasure & intimidation.

I have been patted down many times & have never felt violated
before. As a physician, I have treated sexual trauma for 35 years
and know this to be inappropriate touching. You have a problem.

Please call me with questions or email to follow up about this
complaint. If I have not heard from you in three weeks, I am
going to contact my congressman.

Sincerely, Dr. Burns

Julia W. Burns, MD
5809 Cascade Drive
Chapel Hill, NC. 27514

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