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Frequently, the case is made that a comprehensive intervention program for childhood trauma would not make a significant impact. Others believe that the problem can be solved. This story proves that if people stand up and speak out loud, fewer people will be victims.07

According to CBSSports, former Olympic doctor, Dr. Bill Moreau says he was fired in May 2019 for reporting sexual abusive conduct to the United States Olympic Committee. The following are examples of his attempts to “blow the whistle for ten years.”

When Moreau saw Nassar treating members of the gymnastics team in their condos, he said to Nassar in front of a colleague, “You need to treat in the big clinic where there’s people around you…and it’s not good practice to treat people, juvenile females in a one-on –one situation without a chaperone.”

What could he have done–talked to the girls, called their parents, reported a critical incident to the Olympic Committee, called the police  or medical society.

This subterfuge establishes Nassar’s ability to discern right from wrong. He was hiding. And it establishes his compulsive need to abuse. He had been “called out” but could not stop. Someone else had to stop him. He had no will power to change his behavior or addiction. The athletes had no power or authority. Nassar is presently serving multiple life sentences for sexually abusing at least 265 known athletes. It was only through the herculean efforts of the Indianapolis Star that relentlessly followed leads despite being thwarted at every attempt, that the atheletes were heard. But even as the committee hid complaints filed by gymnasts about 50 coaches, the IndyStar tracked down four cases in which USA Gymnastics were warned of suspected abuse by coaches but did not initiate a report to authorities. They hid the information in a drawer, locked it and then threw  the key.

What could the girls have done? Told other coaches, talk to each other, report to the Olympic Committee often and if nothing was done go to the police over and over. (One gymnast did report to Child Protective Services but nothing happened.)


Moreau also claims to have reported the rape of a 15-year-old Paralympic athlete by a 20-year-old peer. Moreau challenged the committees finding that “no crime had been committed.”

Moreau could have called the police to report a rape.

Another incident reported by Dr. Moreau was that the strength and conditioning coach was sitting in a sauna naked  beside a training session for under 18 women’s team. The coach was not dismissed.

 He could have called the girl’s parents. Talked to the girls. Shared information. Reported to the Committee.

More than 368 persons alleged that they were sexually assaulted “by gym owners, coaches, and staff working for gymnastics programs across the country”. Particularly, longtime USA Gymnastics (USAG) national team doctor Larry Nassar has been named in hundreds of lawsuits filed by athletes who said that Nassar engaged in sexual abuse for at least 14 years under the pretense of providing medical treatment.

Unnecessary decades of abuse in the case of the Olympic Committee—many, many people knew and they all were made impotent. People saw. People knew. People reported. And more people covered it up. Thank goodness for investigative reoprters.

It appears that when Dr. Moreau was fired in May 2019 that it had nothing to do with these reports. The USOPC’s statement is that they regret the misunderstanding. But they don’t have enough regret to open an independent investigation. This is all Simone Biles wanted for her birthday.


However, Biles wasn’t amused by the tribute from the organization that recently offered a settlement to the athletes who sued over sexual abuse suffered at the hands of sports doctor Larry Nassar. In response to the tweet, Biles fired back with a birthday request. “How about you amaze me and do the right thing…have an independent investigation,” she tweeted.




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