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This article was not written by me. It is taken directly from PEOPLE magazine, March 6, 2020. The Times they are a changing!

Woody Allen’s Controversial Memoir Dropped by Publisher Amid Protests
Woody Allen‘s memoir was dropped by Hachette Book Group. The company had decided to drop the controversial director’s autobiography, Apropos of Nothing, just four days after announcing it had purchased the title. “Hachette Book Group has decided that it will not publish Woody Allen’s memoir,” read a statement from the publisher obtained by PEOPLE. “The decision to cancel Mr. Allen’s book was a difficult one. At HBG we take our relationships seriously.

Allen, 84, has been accused of molesting daughter Dylan Farrow when she was a child, and news of the book deal quickly sparked outrage, including among the Hachette staff. Dylan has made a credible case for three decades that she was sexually abused by Woody Allen.

Several staff members at the publishing house’s New York City office held a walkout in protest of the memoir and in solidarity with Ronan and Dylan Farrow.

Later, Apropos of Nothing was released without any prior announcements or explanations by Arcade Publishing. 

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