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Jeffrey Epstein Take II

Filthy Rich, the new documentary on Jeffrey Epstein and his exploits into sex trafficking falls short—covering the illegal and immoral activities of this man and his accomplices is where it ends. The documentary explains how the sex pyramid is formed primarily by Ghislaine Maxwell as she recruits young girls to bring in other young girls from poor neighborhoods. It stops at asking the question, Where is Ghislaine Maxwell now and why isn’t she being prosecuted for underage prostitution? Who is protecting her? How is she allowed to hide out in friend’s houses and not answer Virginia Giuffre accusations? How can TED talks justify their continued support by posting her video and describing her as President of a company that “protects” the ocean?

Ghislaine fled the UK after her father, a famous newspaperman, died on his yacht and was accused of stealing 600 million dollars of his employee’s pension. Growing up in a 54 room mansion, she was now destitute and even spent a short time selling real estate before attaching herself to Epstein and his international sex ring. Photos of Ghislaine with Rupert Murdoch, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton (she even attended Chelsea’s wedding) are prevalent.
The survivors claim that sometimes she joined in a threesome.

Epstein’s pilot reports that he flew Bill Clinton and the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Barak with many girls, some as young as twelve. Alan Dershowitz once claimed that it was OK to bomb young children with missiles (“women and children can not always be counted as civilians”)and now it appears he supports sex with children also.

Note the bed behind Bill Clinton

Transhumanism. Jeffrey Epstein had a ranch in New Mexico, again not mentioned in the documentary. He supported a form of eugenics and was interested in creating a “master race” with his sperm, planning to impregnate multiple women. It is not known how far this plan proceeded but it is known that Epstein ingratiated himself with political figures, think tanks and academicians most likely in an attempt to make his nefarious activities scientific.

Another odd omission in the documentary is the murder/suicide of the Jeffrey. Two prison guards asleep, two cameras that failed to produce footage of the event, testimony by other prisoners that they heard scuffling and yelling from Epstein’s cell, a coroner who insists that the injuries to his neck are consistent with strangling not hanging and yet no there is no interest in pursuing murder changes or who was behind the murder. His lawyers’ describe him as upbeat and cheerful on his day of his death. Narcissist, and surely Epstein was one, rarely commit suicide. They crave the limelight—remember Ted Bundy when he was in prison? He happily began to study law so that he could represent himself.

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell with Virginia Giuffre

The FBI’s search of his Caribbean “pedophile island” and his New York home revealed many photos of nude underage girls and sex toys. The FBI were said to have been sickened by the things they found in their search. Multiple victims described the mansion in an identical manner.

I encourage you to watch Filthy Rich. Let’s keep alive the search for Ghislaine Maxwell and find justice for the hundreds if not thousands of girls raped by these two perpetrators and so many others.

When you read my memoir, Songs for the Forgotten-A Psychiatrist’s Record, you will be reminded of the pain and suffering that come with judgment and condemnation. I do not condemn those who raped and imprisoned the young girls in Epstein’s many mansions or his island. I do ask God to seek judgment for the perps and righteousness, grace and mercy for the victims. I ask in full knowledge that this will come and that nothing will prevent it.

17-19 Don’t hit back; discover beauty in everyone. If you’ve got it in you, get along with everybody. Don’t insist on getting even; that’s not for you to do. “I’ll do the judging,” says God. “I’ll take care of it.” Romans 12:17-19 And  surely, He will.

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  1. Julia, That was eye-opening. I had only followed that case peripherally and had not heard many of those details before. Thank you for that well written account.

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