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“Who Care What the Numbers Say?-“Statistically speaking, my mom didn’t have the luckiest year. But who cares about the numbers. I would be hard-pressed to find a smarter, cuter, more perfect mom.”

Wilton, my daughter, wrote this birthday message, her love and confidence echoing.

Hard to believe it’s almost the first anniversary of finding the infection that turned out to be cancer. One year since that long day which turned me upside down. Ten hours of testing, after weeks of antibiotics, became a year-long sentence of treatment, even as the I can’t have cancer. I’m going to Hong Kong to see my son, litany trailed. The trip that never materialized was replaced by chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and lots of pain.

From: Jennie, NP
Subject: Affirmation
Date: July 12, 2015
To: Julia Burns
My one year affirmation for you is
the butterfly. Symbol of joy, grace,
lightness, change and powerful
transformation.  I hope this is a
positive image for you. Also - I love
the hibiscus flower. Attached are a
few photos of the hibiscus in my yard
this week - amazing! I hope you have a
relaxing weekend, Jennie, NP

Message: The one-year anniversary of my treatment was another milestone. My nurse practitioner, Jennie, Wilton and I, celebrated and reveled because we were still together. My daughter’s love shone through the day. Celebrate your victories with those you love. Although your year may have been filled with pain, and your body ravaged by the treatments you received, you still have much to be grateful for. You are alive.

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