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Having a new book come out is like birthing a child. I’m happy to announce the birth of WHO CARES WHAT THE NUMBERS SAY? a journey in defying cancer . Weighing in at 1/2 pound and 8 inches, It is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, see links below. Thank you for ordering your copy. I’m so glad to be alive and look forward to conducting zoom discussions with any and all.

In this story about her harrowing battle with a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer, Dr. Julia Burns encourages readers to take charge of their own health by seeking multiple medical opinions and fighting for a treatment plan that meets their emotional and spiritual needs as well as their physical needs. 

Chapter by chapter Julia shares lessons learned from her own journey through cancer. The numbers were abysmal: her odds of survival were so low some wondered why she should even bother fighting. Julia didn’t care what the numbers said-she defied the odds and found a path where few had dared to look.

Julia Burns inspires others who face seemingly insurmountable challenges to take heart, to advocate for themselves, and to pursue the path that makes them feel well and whole-no matter the odds.



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