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I spent Mother’s Day with my cousin who is more like a sister. We had such fun reminiscing about our Mother’s and eating good Southern food—hash browns, biscuits, BBQ and hush puppies, casseroles with Cream of Chicken soup. YUM!

It was a splendid holiday of love and laughter. I needed the break because the week before I was dragging. Our dogs, a standard poodle, chihuahua and a schnoodle were demanding more attention than I could give. I sprained my ankle in the sand on the beach. It turned purple and stayed that way. “Lord, please,” I prayed, “heal me or take me.” But of course, we know that God has a plan that I am not privy to, “Patience, gratitude, Julia,” was His only answer.

I was opening the mail the night after I got home and found a royalty check from Light Messages. Folks occasionally asked, “Julia, have you made any money on your book? “Lord, no,” I answer, “Never! That book cost me thousands—I hired at least three editors and now I am chief marketer. But with my poor internet skills, I hired a publicist and a digital marketer and on and on and on. I’ll never make any money on my books, but I don’t care, I didn’t do it for money. God and I had other ideas.”

And indeed, we did, typing on my laptop for days and nights. Spending hours writing a story about the children skiing or playing in the sand and surf, only to have my editor respond, “Great story Julia, not relevant.” Working twenty years on the songs and three years on the narrative that sewed them together, I was trying to create something that was coherent.

“This has to become a book, Julia, not something that happened to you.”

“What?” my mind screamed, “never.”

And then came, “Who Cares What the Numbers Say?”  And it was a book too, as well as something that happened to me and people loved it. “Beautiful, Julia. I love your honesty and courage.”

Imagine my surprise when I got home and found a check from my publisher. Royalties. Shock.

I wrote two books, edited them and now I’m cashing royalty checks. The moral—never say never. And always say thank you.

Thank you, readers and believers.


  1. I’m so happy about the royalties, validation is always a bonus. But please girl let me join you next time for that yummy southern cook’in!!

  2. Congratulations, Julia! You are a beautiful writer and deserve the kudos, financial and otherwise, coming your way. Jeanne

  3. Wonderful perk after all your hard work! Giving glory to GOD! So thankful for these Mondays where we can join you through your posts! ❤❤❤

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