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Oprah Winfrey is hosting Super Soul Sunday and in her book The Pathway Made Clear, she encourages folks to listen to the whispering of their lives. She is looking for people who are transforming.. “The ultimate goal is that we get to a point where we have a balance between our inner thoughts and our outer actions,” she says. In other words, we are to pursue our dreams out loud, in living color, authentically baring our souls deep into our vision of ourselves.

        I am ready for this metamorphosis. Let it begin. Reaching into the silence and finding life, light and love, I pursue evolution. And I am grateful for the wisdom as I listen to God through the silence.

I know now that I refused this when I was younger, that no matter how deep the chaos and evil, I was evolving and that “darkness cannot understand or overcome the light.” John 1: 5 Songs for the Forgotten-A Psychiatrist’s Record defines the life of a child psychiatrist who as Medical Director of a three hundred welfare agency, listened, believed and recorded. My silence and acceptance create safety for children who need to tell their stories, tell someone who cares so they can hear whispers instead of screams—avoiding silence and stillness at all costs because that’s when the flashbacks come. Witnessing together their loud and scary lives, my path was clear, my destiny plain. The whispers, roars that never cease, strive for healing

Remember the little girl who got lost in the system after her brother shot his classmate?

And now as I sit in the morning,

Not reading the paper again, I can’t help the wondering

How did they lose your sister?

Where is she? What is her name?

That clear kind of listening. Or the children who struggle with their perpetrator every night at bedtime,

They talk, they walk, they look just like children

who never knew war in their beds or bathtubs, yet

they battle each day for their lives.

Post means after.

Traumatic means life-threatening wound.

Stress means a physical force exerted when one body part pushes on,

or compresses and twists against another body part,

 altering an existent equilibrium.

Julia W. Burns, MD

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