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Written by Lane Mason: Marketing Specialist for Julia Burns

Going on NOW, and the entire month of July, the e-book for Who Cares What the Numbers Say? a journey in defying cancer, is on SALE on Amazon for only 99¢! If you haven’t yet gotten a copy of this remarkable memoir by Julia Burns, now is the time to do so!

You might be thinking, “But, this is a book about breast cancer and I don’t have breast cancer.” Or, that this book is only for those with severe health issues or for those on the brink of death. That is not the case.

Julia’s Who Cares What the Numbers Say? is much more than a book about her battle with breast cancer. It’s a heartfelt story in which she shares her personal journey of facing an insurmountable challenge head on.

Although your challenge may not be as “large” or as a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, I believe anyone can learn from this book. In Who Cares What the Numbers Say?, Julia teaches her readers how to take a prognosis as just that- a likely forecast or prediction- as she strives for an outcome of her own. She takes statistics as statistics and not her individual truth and she exemplifies strength and courage by not just listening to her doctors, but creating a treatment plan that works for her. When the news constantly seems unfavorable, Julia relies on her faith, family, and friends to get her through.

Who Cares What the Numbers Say? is a book of learning, of trial and error, and of healing and growth. Julia shares her personal experiences in dealing with everyday life while in the midst of a battle. And, while your battles might differ from Julia’s, everyone needs her experience of learning how to stick up for themselves, do what feels right, and put faith in the place of fear.


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