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Dear Julia, I wanted to share this text with you from my friend who has pancreatic cancer… I thought it would make you feel good to hear positive results from a reader… we are taking our copy to Washington with us.

Beverly, I have almost finished your cousin’s book! It is just exactly what I have needed for encouragement and Bible references. I have so much enjoyed and appreciated reading it. Thank you, thank you. Much love, Mary

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So often, folks ask me how I do it. Faith is my only answer.

It may sound trite to call someone to peace in the depths of an illness but it is the only way. If you find yourself drifting into confusion and fear, step back and release the negative thoughts and energy. Look up to God and ask forgiveness for your lack of trust and awareness of his love even in the midst of pain and disease. He is your redeemer and Savior and has you in the palm of his hand. How do I know this? Because I live it every day,

“Breathing being difficult sometimes, remember this, He holds in his hand, my all my life. He holds in his hands, each of you.” Julia W. Burns, MD

We must receive this truth to experience the peace. He is calling us to, “be still, be quiet, don’t be upset, don’t get restless, and don’t get nervous. Be still and know that I am God. I’m still in control. My purposes are going to work out. I’m going to be exalted over all nations and ALL your problems. Trust ME.” from Dr. Kevin Conners, cancer emails

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