Healing Prayer

I give God all the credit for healing but none of the blame for sickness. “How can that be?” folks ask. “Isn’t it both or none?” And I wonder incredulously at a heart and mind that conceptualizes God’s grace for healing but not for sickness.

In truth, it seems complexly simple. God did not create evil and sickness. If you go back to the beginning of Genesis, you will see that he created light and separated the darkness from it. He created evening and day so that there might be activity followed by rest. He created man, then woman and placed them in the Garden.

How’s your Book Coming, Julia?

“How’s your book coming, Julia?” he asks.

“OK,” I answer, “but I wish I didn’t have to write it. Wish I didn’t have to sit at the computer for years editing and correcting, changing and morphing the manuscript.

“You have to make these changes Julia. This must become a book and not something that happened to you,” my editor said.

“How about you write a one sentence book? Please don’t have sex with children,” my patient husband asks. “If I had one sentence to write a bumper sticker, it would be, ‘Please don’t hit children,” he offers.

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