If you have lived on earth as a human, you have experienced trauma of some kind.

Often, in an attempt to stay afloat, we bury this trauma deep within ourselves, leaving it to fester as we go about our lives. Even as we refuse to acknowledge it, this hidden pain threatens to destroy our happiness and peace of mind.

It is possible to heal these deeply buried wounds. But healing cannot happen until we bring our places of darkness into the light. That’s why Children of Light exists — to give you the strength, courage and spiritual guidance to face that darkness in an effort, ultimately, to heal.

As a psychiatrist with 30 years of experience helping victims of trauma, I have learned lessons that I now want to share with you. I hope that Children of Light will give you some of the tools you need to face your places of darkness; reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and God; and heal so that you can feel whole again.


Julia W. Burns, MD