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I grew up hearing about evil and experienced it often when working with childhood trauma, but I never thought it had much to do with me. That changed when I got cancer. Evil was growing inside me and I could feel the battle raging.

Thinking I was dying, I spent a year studying the devil and darkness. I was especially interested in Gregory Boyd’s theory. In summary, he believes that the devil and darkness are alive and thriving on Earth. Prayer and scripture are effective tools against them. Evil causes illness, death and natural disasters. God attempts to challenge evil and darkness at every turn, but not at the expense of our free will. This is why bad things happen and why we think it is God’s fault — free will.

The main takeaway is that God does not create or condone child abuse, cancer or any tragedy. After years of struggle with and against God, I determined this to be true. Let us walk out of the darkness and into the light. We are Children of Light and the darkness has not overcome us.

For survivors of sexual abuse or anyone struggling with its effects, I highly recommend website Darkness to Light.

While we’re on the topic…